Case stories

I work with my clients to gain an understanding and empathy for the people who use their products and services. Then translate the insights into actionable business and design opportunities. 


business model innovation

Client: Parkinson Canada

Context: We see vast shifts in customer needs and attitudes. And, when it comes to not-for-profit organizations, the way we interact with the stakeholders continues to change rapidly. There is a clear need for new revenue models as the way donations are generated is and has changed. We are provided with almost limitless options when it comes to experience, sustainability, size, speed, and convenience how organizations can adapt. 

Situation: For Parkinson Canada, the market changes mean it will be harder to deliver existing service offerings to people living with Parkinson including sustaining their research grant work. The Parkinson Canada leadership team and stakeholders needed to come together to co-create the long-term vision and new business models.

Solution: Facilitated a two-day workshop. Teams consisting of board members, staff and guests were able to develop a shared long-term vision and built multiple business model options to become the leading voice for people living with Parkinson disease.


Employee experience

Client: Personal care CPG Company

Context: We see vast shifts with millennial joining the workforce and employee mindsets changing. They are looking at their employers for more than just a paycheck. Recognizing the impact experiences around work have on employee engagement and productivity, companies are taking a more comprehensive view of how to influence it.

Situation: To improve employee engagement and satisfaction. The client looked to us to help them understand their stakeholders, employee segments and their journeys. The goal was to co-create an employee career experience that enabled the employees to have more awareness and control in their career path.

Solution: We facilitated a one day workshop with teams compiled of leadership, HR and employees to gain the needed insights. Together we developed the employee segments and employee journeys. Additionally, we created project roadmaps for prototyping and execution.


Design Research and Strategy Analysis

Client: KidKlass

Situation: Kidklass is an online marketplace for children's after school activities and classes. They wanted to create new opportunities resulting in increased revenue. 

Complication: KidKlass had high website traffic but was not resulting in the conversion of sales. To be able to understand why, I started by researching their users. By better understanding the user's needs we would be able to create a parent/user-centric strategy.

Solution: The project was divided into two sections; (1) Discover (research) Phase and (2) Define (analysis and findings) Phase. In phase 1, I conducted surveys and in-depth interviews with parents and vendors to gain insights to what parents's needs were in the booking process for after school classes. In phase 2, The research was analyzed and modeled. I uncovered key insights that identify the strategic opportunities for Kidklass. The result was a new business strategy and website. 


Design Thinking Marketing Workshops

Client: Made In NYC

Made In NYC's mission is to support a vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City. Local manufacturing encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, creates employment opportunities for New York’s extraordinarily diverse workforce and gives the city much its character and soul.

Situation: Made in NYC was relaunching a variety of new services for their members. Within these services was a pilot marketing workshop to create growth for the manufactures. 

Complication: The companies were in all at different points in business; start-up, rebuilding and accelerating growth.

Solution: Over 2 months we conducted workshops based on design thinking principles to identify and clarify business goals and marketing strategies.

Non-Profit Consulting: Pro-Bono work through the Net Impact consultant program


Mountaintop equips schools with real-life entrepreneurial guides and a plug-in, entrepreneurship curriculum to transform classrooms into incubators for the next generation of leaders.

Consulting request: Mountaintop came to Net Impact to better understand how to scale and increase funding.

Solution: Worked with a team of Net Impact consultants to deliver a growth and funding strategy document which included analysis, case studies and recommendations for MountainTop. 

Harold Hunter Foundation's (HHF) fundamental goal is to provide a network of support, opportunity, and advocacy for NYC youth so they can reach their full potential as skateboarders and young adults. 

Consulting request: To better understand there business model and potential funding through both revenue and donations.

Solution: Worked with the founder to develop the business plan and potential revenue streams.


NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) changes this reality by leveraging the gig economy and connecting language learners around the world with displaced persons for Arabic practice over Skype.

Consulting request:  How to grow their brand through brand awareness and attracting new customers.

Solution: I mentored a Net Impact team of consultant to develop a strategic marketing plan.