“Having Fun While Doing Good.” 



Hi! I'm chuck. I work with innovators, creatives, and organizations to bring beautiful and delightful products, services and businesses to life. I strive to bridge the gap between consumers, creatives and business strategies in order to build sustainable competitive organizations.


I collaborate with all stakeholders to develop new business opportunities through the use of human-centered design and design thinking methodologies. I guide teams through the process of understanding, designing, refinement, validation and scaling of new businesses.



I am a strategy designer, practicing a collaborative design-led approach to innovation and business design. I have an an innovative, outside-the-box approach to design and strategy - connecting the dots, building relationships, inspiring change, and telling stories that bring the future to life. 

Over the past 16 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations ranging from startups to established brands within a range of industries including healthcare, non-profits, fashion, technology, CPG and retail.

I started my career as an industrial designer because I am passionate about creating products and experiences that make people feel, look and function at their best. It is this passion that drives me to understand the needs of the customer, not only as they relate to a certain product but to understand the core needs that affect their lives. 

As a strategy designer, I work with my clients to gain an understanding and empathy for the people who use their products and services. Then translate the insights into actionable business and design opportunities. My client list includes Business Models Inc (where I worked with a variety of clients) KidKlass.com, Cole Haan, Made In NYC and the University at Buffalo, to name a few.

On the side, I work with Net Impact NYC chapter as a mentor, coach and pro-bono consultant where I work with non-profits on various projects. 

Overall, my experience has taught me how to drive innovation, strategy and business design across an organization. Feel free to reach out to me about career opportunities or just to network.




Creation of vision and alignment with leadership. A deep dive into understanding the issues and operating context, with an emphasizing on the user journey and needs.


Defining Opportunities

Formulating the vision and story.



Turning insights and data into solutions.


Prototyping and Delivery

Prototyping and iterating designs to fine-tune them and deliver viable and sustainable solutions.


Strategy design

Industrial design


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